i want to be with u forever baby your the olny girl for me and i dont ever want to lose you. you make me the happiest man in the world and i want to spend the rest of my life with you

shes my everything i am nothing without her

fuck life can someone please beat the shit out of me?

i fucking hate myself im obviously not doing something right if shes still posting pictures like this /: i guess i just dont make her feel beautiful enough /: which makes me fucking hate myself more than i already do

baby im going to get these for us

baby im going to get these for us

I had an amazing day baking and bbqin with the love of my life. made a simple but amazing dinner. shes my everything her smile makes everything perfect when my arms are around her i feel safe and secure when she kisses me i get dizzy when she runs her fingers through my hair i cant help but fall asleep in her arms shes my perfect other half and i wouldent give her up for anything in the whole world 

its raining and all i want to do is stand out there and kiss her


“Fuck iPad, Bubble Wrap all the way…”

hahahah true story bro